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Changes and Updates to NWS Birmingham's Webpage

We've Transitioned to our New Webpage!

(This page will be updated often with the latest info.)



ATTENTION!!  To All Interests:

The look and feel of our webpage changed September 27th! Our office, along with all other Southern Region NWS Offices, migrated to a new front page layout. Here's a link to the Public Information Statement (PNS) from Southern Region Headquarters.

In terms of the main layout of our new webpage, if you're used to accessing products and webpages through the old left-hand menu, those are now available in multiple locations:


In addition to the new front page layout, all webpage links have changed!! Therefore, your bookmarks will also need to be updated.


Main Webpage Link Changes:

1.  NEW NWS Birmingham front page address:

2.  Any link that includes will no longer operate.

3.  Webpage links will have the following convention:


Efforts have been made to keep the new web address structure as similar as possible to the old web addresses.  As an example,

is now


Although this will be the case for most of our webpages, there will be some webpages that won't follow this convention.  To assist with the transition, a webpage re-direct will be implemented for high-priority webpages for at least a few months after the transition date.


We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we go through this transition!!  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our webmasters at