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Pertinent Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data
of 2013 Tornadoes throughout the State of Alabama

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The National Weather Service in Birmingham is offering GIS data from storm surveys following severe weather events.  These data offer survey information from tornado tracks that are found by damage assessment teams in the field.  The links below contain information for 23 tornadoes that have been surveyed across the State of Alabama that occurred during the entire calendar year of 2013Most information was produced and extracted from the National Weather Service Damage Assessment Toolkit, which has been developed by National Weather Service Meteorologists to modernize storm survey information into a geospatial format for the general public and GIS analysts.  The information can be passed along to decision makers and the emergency management community after storm surveys have been completed.

ESRI Shapefiles:       

Select Tornado Swaths - (Updated 12/26/2013) Zipped folder contains polygon shapefiles of individual tornado tracks and estimated damage swaths, as well as an all inclusive shapefile that has all path information merged together.  Shapefile projections are in Universal Transverse Mercator Zone 16N.

Select Survey Points(Updated 12/26/2013) Zipped folder contains point shapefile locations within specific tornado paths that include detailed survey information gathered from assessment teams in the field.  The attribute information includes:  Event Date, Survey Date, Damage Indicator, Degree of Damage, EF-Rating at the point location, Wind Speed, and the Tornado associated with the survey point. Shapefile projections are in Universal Transverse Mercator Zone 16N.

All Tornado Paths - (Updated 12/26/2013) Zipped folder contains line shapefiles of all 23 tornado tracks across the State of Alabama for 2013.  Attribute information includes:  Tornado Name, EF-Scale, Peak Wind, Counties affected, Start Time, Beginning and Ending Latitudes and Longitudes, End Time, Maximum width in miles and yards, Order Number of the tornado segement, and Tornado Number according to the statewide tornado map.  Shapefile projections are in Universal Transverse Mercator Zone 16N.

Attention GIS Analysts Using ArcGISPlease view the metadata within ArcCatalog to view a complete description of shapefile information.

 Google Earth KMZ Files:     

Tornado Survey Information KMZ (Updated 12/11/2013) Google Earth KMZ contains all the detailed storm survey information gathered for the 23 tornadoes in the State of Alabama.  In select locations, damage photographs taken by assessment teams can also be viewed.  Be advised that this information is still deemed as experimentalMost information was extracted from the National Weather Service Damage Assessment Toolkit.

Statewide Map - Tornadoes of 2013:

Using post-event storm survey information from the National Weather Service in Huntsville, National Weather Service in Mobile, a detailed statewide tornado map has been created.  The map below depicts the tornado tracks starting in the morning of January 30th and ending on May 17th.  Each number below represents the start time of each tornado in chronological order, beginning on January 30th.

23 tornadoes have been confirmed across the entire state.  By clicking on the numbers below, you will be taken to detailed survey information regarding the tornado of interest.


 *Tornado #12 contains an asterisk due to the fact that it is labeled as an EF-3.  That is the maximum rating of that tornado when it was on the ground in Mississippi before it moved into Alabama. Tornado #12 was an EF-1 in Alabama.
Interactive Map - Tornado Paths and Survey Points:

The map below presents an interactive view of tornado paths and survey locations collected by damage assessment teams in the field throughout the entire 2013 year throughout the State of Alabama. These data can be downloaded using the links for the Paths, Points, and Swath shapefiles above. To view information from the survey points, zoom in to the specific point of interest and click on the point. A pop-up box will appear with specific survey information. Damage photographs, if they are available, can be viewed by clicking on the "Damage Photograph" link at the top of the pop-up box. If several features appear within a close proximity to one another, look for the "Next Feature" button (>) on the top right of the pop-up to view each feature. To zoom in and out, use your mouse wheel or use the plus and minus buttons in the top left corner of the map. Once again, these data are experimental.

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